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Arkady Marto

The history of Russian electronic scene is a real pride in the modern music culture. Russian music has developed in its own unique way as it is connected to ancient Vedanta roots and has a lot of folk traditions.

Now days, while increasing the speed of gathering and distribution of various information, it looks as if the human society have depreciated the meaning and the achievements of the sound masters, as the modern computer technologies have given us the possibility to get as much music as we want from any part of the world within 15 minutes. But all those compressed formats don't give you the original sound content.

We can compare the quality of the sound with the quality of the air, that might be polluted or might be pure and clear. As for the electronic music the original sounding and quality play very important role. I really don't understand how someone can enjoy Edward Artemiev's 70's soundtracks in mp3 format. For me it's almost the same as to listen to this great composer through the hole of a water-pipe. Of course someone can argue this, but for me listening to the music is the same as to go to the church or praying. The music itself is a living substance, not a packet of cigarettes. That's why when we cut its weight we have only it's cover left.




And I believe, that intelligent electronic music could have been the real panacea for anyone if we could get its real purpose. That means that the music is more important than any business we might have, as it is just a purifying pleasure It is the only way for freedom of your soul, for example the most spiritual up to date ambient music, have more inside than anyone can imagine. And the people, who are creating ambient are the real keepers of different knowledge and experience.

Arkady Marto

EJECT PROJECT is a brilliant example of the mentioned. Analogue air-like ambient , sometimes almost psycho acoustic, sometimes like classic electronic advance-guard. There is little sense to compare this music with any eastern or western name as it is the thing of its own. Arkady Marto used to play in Edward Artemiev' s THE WARM OF THE EARTH BAND (1986-88) now has released the second solo effort »Unreal time CD« (citadel records 2006).


This release is a real example of space minimalism symphony with a lot of hand-made details and original sounding, that makes you feel its antique groove. In the time of hyper speeds this sounds like a dream. If you listen to this CD somewhere in a calm lonely situation than it will help you to transform all the disturbing processes within your heart, spirit and the body. It will cure you of the urban noise addiction-that kills your will to live and not to exist! And of course, this is not lounge or new age. I can compare EJECT PROJECT just with a beam of light, without which the 21 century is just a parody for the 20th.

Arkady is also known by creating and collaborating with many interesting music projects, such as: NIMB (100% analogue experiment with NIkk Nebogatov, made by means great variety of soviet synths); 2 AVACADOS (more relaxed studio electro-acoustic ambient), MOSCOW GROOVES INSTITUTE (famous Moscow club, trip hop and groovy dance music ,composed with Boris Nazarov) etc.

Arkady Marto

In any of these projects Arkady's hand is clearly seen! For example in M.G.I's »Surround Wednesday« 1997 his exotic melodies, together with the breakbeat rhythms give a shamanic feeling, very special trance personal flight! »Neiro« is a especially authentic NIMB's album. I call it Zen electrominimalism, as its sounds are really hypnotizing and cool. 2 AVACADOS (made together with Gunss Hollman) – a decent evening cocktail with reserved melodies but really astonishing production technology.

Sounds-prayers of Yuri Orlov's Bashnya Mechtaniy project 2001, also made with the help of Arkady. It's a pity that this project has not been released yet!
Early Russian lounge project Coffe in (El cosmo group) recorded their album with Arkady, who gave that CD a clear levitation. In 2004 Arkady collaborated with a famous Moscow advance-guard violin player Alexei Aigi and his 4’33 orchestra. Together they made another masterpiece »MIX« album. His recent collaboration takes place with Valeri Vasyukov (THE HET) together they make a live project INFRA and perform from time to time. This is more scientific, than EJECT PROJECT
Being a very open for different collaborations and invitations Arkady goes his own way. He uses low fi technologies a lot. He likes sound collages, and EJECT PROJECT was created as a way of taping, where you insert or eject this or that sound recordings or natural noises. For him any type of sound can play it's music, even air generators.

»Unreal time« is a valuable experiment with the pieces of grand piano without using multitracks. The soundscapes of meditative noise transform into the dissolution in harmonies, sounds and echoes. This album was recorded for a week and got its real place in European charts.



But before was another very good and magic "real time"-CD (recorded in 1993-97 at Mixart studio in Moscow). Then different technology was used (Kurzweil 2000, Yamaha SY 77, E-Mu Morpheus, tapes) to produce a very clear ambient sound with lots of concrete noises and cloudless mood that touches you from the first air-like chords.

Arkady Marto

In the end I'd like to state that EJECT PROJECT has everything that gives you a feel of the best in the Russian electronic wave, I mean 90's. This name is a good present for everyone who meditate, trip or practice any spiritual way of living. In addition to all can depict now, I should aware of the upcoming third album which I hope will resonance with the lovers of intelligent and psychedelic Russian electronic sound.

By Gratchev Andrey


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