Schlingen Module – BONNEN

Schlingen Module – BONNEN

Schlingen Module – BONNEN

Christian Lorenzen: osmose synth, moog
Dietmar Bonnen: monotron, memotron, electronic strings
Ernst Gaida-Hartmann: moogs

TT: 79'31
DDD, GEMA, c OBST 2023, p BONNEN 2021/23

Mix/Mastering: Deistler/Bonnen
Design/Photography: Peter Hölscher
Thanks: Mantey








1 Schlingen (Bonnen 2023) 25‘46
2 Module
(Bonnen 2021) 53‘45




Schlingen plays with the tension between polyphonic microtonality and emerging ‚islands‘ in tempered tuning.

Module uses 138 short melodic motifs and places them in constantly changing spatial and temporal relations.