Garden of Love – Bonnen / Mantey

Garden of Love – Bonnen /Mantey

Garden of Love

A William Blake-Suite 15'35

1 Mad Song 4'33
2 The Ecchoing Green 3'25
3 Garden of Love 4'02
4 Silent, Silent Night 3'32

Vocals, Electronics: Dietmar Bonnen
Guitar: Holger Mantey
Mix/Mastering: Deistler/Bonnen/Mantey
Paintings: Vazo
Design: Peter Hölscher






Garden of Love – Mini-CD

Guitar parts and electronics (Korg Monotron "Duo" and "Delay") were recorded live in one take during the DRUNKEN MASTERS-sessions summer 2013 in a little village close to the lowest point of germany by Holger Mantey. The vocals were recorded 2016 in a little village east of Cologne by Gagga Deistler.




sphera label